Royal Sweet Bakery, established in 1997, produces over 100 names of high-quality bakery products, among which there are cakes, pastries, zephyr a/k/a marshmallow, danishes, cookies and sponge cakes. 

We carry out delivery of goods by our own delivery service across all territory of the USA.  For delivery to other regions we use third-party transporting companies.

ROYAL SWEET BAKERY – is the exclusive distributor in the territory of the USA of the following brands:

- Hanzas Maiznica
- Gold Reserve

In addition, we happen to be the largest distributor of products from Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece), India and Israel in the USA. 

The main office of the company is located in New York and more than 300 sea containers a year come to our warehouses.

The company is the largest distributor of fish products (herring, red caviar, black caviar, humpback, salmon, Siberian salmon, perch, sardine, sprat, cod liver, pike, bream, vobla, mackerel, sazan, butter fish).  In this segment the MR.FISH brands, the Captain, RUSFOOD, UNIVERSAL FISH COMPANY, Peter Pen are presented.

Our own freezers allow us to remain the largest distributor in the market of the frozen products. We are ready to offer you pancakes, berries, mushrooms,  frozen bread, frozen desserts, dough, cheesecakes, pancakes with  stuffing,  frozen pies, frozen cakes from brands such as Vologodtskaya Berry, Saima, Raspberry, Jaunpils, Vienna Rolls, Hanzas Maiznica.

Besides all that, we have a wide range of dairy products, such as:  butter, cheeses, cottage cheese, soft spread cheeses, cottage cheese desserts, condensed milk, sour cream, chocolate butter.  Dairy products are presented by the following brands:  FERMA, GOLD RESERVE, RYRATYN, Dobryana, Tulchinka, Winnie-the-Pooh, Altervest, Morozko, Svetlogorye, the Dmitrovsky Dairy Plant. 

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